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How to keep your people safer, your business more secure and deal with the world in which we find ourselves

‘Life is always dangerous but never more so than today’ – let Cassandra Group make your tomorrow safer than today.

Without putting too finer point on it or wishing to be alarmist, we have never been at greater risk simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Of course you are still at far greater risk of being run over by a bus but any risk that can be identified can be mitigated. The Cassandra Group is a consortium of Subject Matter Experts (SME) who will advise on ways of keeping your people safe, your business working and your procedures up to date. Cassandra Group will assist you in developing your plans to deal with current and future threats as well as working with you and your staff to stay safer and more secure.

The Cassandra Group is a consortium of experts in their field and has assembled a team of world leading experts in a number of disciplines including (but not limited to) Police, Special Forces, Medical Professionals, Trainers, Insurance Specialists, Fire Officers, Bomb Disposal Experts, chemical and biological attack, Business leaders and Risk Experts who will give you the certainty and peace of mind you require. Whether a multi-national corporation at risk of direct attack, a small or medium business, or a public gathering unsure of how to responded to a natural disaster an accident, or terrorist incident we have the expertise and experience to guide you.

Come and see what makes us different.

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What we offer your company

CASSANDRA RISK MITIGATION – A comprehensive solution delivered by a team of experts from every area of security. CRM offer bespoke consultancy and training in:

  • Incident mitigation and response.
  • Test, exercise and evaluation of operating procedure and response plans.
  • Development of bespoke security action plans.
  • Target hardening.

Specialist areas:

  • penetration testing,
  • chemical and biological attack,
  • trauma first aid.

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Cassandra Group – Providing greater certainty and piece of mind for the future

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Frederick Fleet

Have you ever heard of Fredrick Fleet?

Fred was a Liverpool lad who may have passed through life without raising much interest if circumstance had not led him to be serving as the look out in the crows -nest on the RMS Titanic on 15th April 1912. It was Fred who gave the warning “Iceberg dead ahead”. Following the collision Fred stayed at his post for a further 25 Minutes before assisting with the evacuation procedure. Fred survived the disaster, and died in 1965 aged 77. Fred was called to a number of enquiries to give evidence, none of which found an explanation for a failure which may surprise you. Neither Fred, nor any of the other lookouts were equipped with binoculars? Was this a failure of the company to provide equipment? Was this a failure to apply procedure? What would have happened if Fred had had some binoculars? What if?

The threat of running into an iceberg may have diminished but a glance at world affairs will tell you that other, possibly greater threats lurk on your horizon. Have you prepared? Does your company or organisation have properly formulated and tested procedures and are your staff both equipped and trained? Are you insured? Do you have a plan that will stand the question; What if?

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